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BATIS MEANS Castle  and kia means king in persian.
Kia batis in order to provide the best products have proprietary and non-proprietary representative letter from the most reputable international company and supplier. 


Becoming the best & the Biggest Product Supplier (Service and Product) in Iran and Regional and Strengthening its Position in Industries of Sweets ,Chocolates, Cakes and Pastries, Bakery and Ice Cream Industry in 3  years.

Kia Batis with Experience of its Several Years, Using Educated & Experienced Team, and Present the best Products from well-known Companies has covered the Needs. Expectations and Demands of the Customers in the Best Manner and help the to take part in Global Competition.


Kia Batis with its extensive investment in the supply of raw materials makes it possible for manufacturers to create a safety margin and  ability of supplying the products to fit their requirements and their particular circumstances of the highest quality, lowest price, shortest time possible (even at the moment) and achieving the best after-sale service.

Kia Batis has a wide range of clients about one hundred (1,00) manufacturer and distributor of sweets, chocolates, cakes and pastries industries, bakery and dairy products and ice cream industries, oil industry, pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industry